Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There she goes again

Hahahahahaloo everybodaaaayh! ;)

Wow its been awhile since I last wrote something in here, didnt I? So hows life been treating you guys? Am pretty sure you guys been great right?! Alright I don't know why I sound so excited but why not though? Hehehe okay moving on, my life for the past months has been much upside down. Been having swinging moods for like months now. Hormones. I guess. Hihihi;) But I am aaaaallll fine! No worries

So today is like my third day of mid sem break. Yesterday my classmates(girls onlayh!) and I went to a water park. Yeah of course we had so much fun! Girls rock baybayhhh ;D The water park has wave shock that will come out every one or two hour I guess. We didn't really enjoy the first wave shock so we decided to play the crazy slides they have but then we decided to go for the second wave shock but we had to wait for like 3omins so WE WAITED IN THE POOL FOR 30MINS. Hahaha because of it, my skin is burning like damn its burning! T_T Heh. But long story short story, we had much fun! ;D

What else? Oh Mike is not around anymore. So sad but its for his future afterall. I'm just the bestfriend of course I have no rights to tell him to stay here. But I'm moving on with life so been keeping my days busy lately. Hihi ;)

So I guess, thats all. I don't really know what to tell you guy. Heh so take care! :) xx