Thursday, July 7, 2011

We don't get younger year by year because we are certainly not Benjamin Button.

Hi its late night. New day. Im turning to next page. I had like million words to type but now seems like those words flew to nowhere to be remembered.

You see since its middle of night, I tend to get all mellow and sentimental.. ish. I think. Or izzit bcs of this song that I am listening to right at this second? Its Always Attract by You Me At Six. Aside from they are all cute, I can say I am addicted to this song. Mind me. :)

Well theres one thing that been messing with my head. I dont know how but theres a quote stuck in my mind. It goes like this.. "Age doesnt measures maturity but with age, comes responsibility." These nine words came and been running thru my mind just like that. Weird and I dont know how. It just did.

so Im wondering, am I taking and bear my responsibility as who I am now, wisely or vice versa?