Sunday, April 8, 2012

I am me.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Amazing Blog Giveaway Contest by Amazing Lyface's Shawl

Facebook : Lyface's Shawl

Assalammualaikum! :D
Haa.. Nampak kan perkataan GIVEAWAY tu? Ini adalah entry utk saya hebah-hebahkan tentang GIVEAWAY contest ni. Giveaway ni dibuat oleh Lyface's Shawl yang ada menjual daripada shawl, pashmina sampai lah ke baju, dress dan macam-macam lagi! Cantik tau semua tu. Harga pun berpatutan!

Kat bawah ni antara pashmina depa :D

Cantik dak? Ada lagi kat bawah~

Haaa pashmina kat bawah ni laaa yang D paling sukaaa sebab cantik!

Cantik kan kan kan kan~

Mai D terbeliak kan mata awak yang comel tu lagi. Kat bawah ni pulak antara dress & cardigan depa :D

Haaaaa.. Amaciam? Cun kan? :D

Okay, toksah cerita banyaklah kot kan? Mai sini D habaq hadiah dia..

Hadiahnya adalah........ VOUCHER BERNILAI RM100!!! *separuh daripada voucher buku 1Malaysia tu* Haaa.. Cool gila dak? Siapa jelah baik hati nak bagi awak banyak camtu kan? Ah.. Dah boleh nampak simbol $ kat mata awak tu! Muahahaha~ :p

Okay sini D sertakan juga syarat penyertaan ok. Silalah rajinkan diri macam D join giveaway contest ni.

Apa-apa pun, sebelum baca,

Sebab nanti kat syarat ketiga requires awak yg cantik utk pi jenguk photos album depa.

Ok dah like dah? Okay, syarat-syaratnya ialah........ *drum roll*


1 - WAJIB upload gambar kat atas tu dalam BLOG awak semua.

2-WAJIB linkkan Facebook Lyface's Shawl seperti ni

3 - Haaa dekat syarat ketiga ni lah sebab D suruh awak yang cantik like page depa awal-awal tadi. :D Lepas dah pungpang pungpang merajinkan diri awak yang cantik tu, WAJIB letak LINK BLOG AWAK (link yg direct ke entry giveaway contest ni yang awak dah post tu) dekat bawah gambar. **Untuk lakukan step ni, pi tengok dalam album depa yang bernama BLOG GIVEAWAY CONTEST, click gambar dalam tu, then click comment, then paste kan link tersebut.

4 - Ok lepas dah lakukan ketiga-tiga steps di atas dengan penuh kasih sayang dan harapan dapat menang, awak share pulak gambar tu dekat profile Facebook awak. How? Awak tekan gambar tu, then ada perkataan SHARE, click lerrr.

5 - Ok toksah kata banyak sgt steps nak kena buat. Step yang kelima ni hanyalah reminder untuk awak yang cantik tu bahawa penyertaan ini SAH sehingga 12/02/12, tepat jam 12 PAGI or 0000hours kalau dalam waktu askar. :p BUKAN 12 tengah hari tau!

Tadaa~ Senang dak? Oklah.. Memang macam banyak kerja nak kena buat tapi serius, SENANG je kalau dalam hati awak ada harapan teringin nak menang hadiah RM100 tu. FIGHTING! ;D

Ohh... Lagi satu reminder, hadiah voucher RM100 tu depa kata tak boleh tukar dengan wang ringgit atau barang lain. But... WHO CARES? Dapat menang voucher tu pun mesti awak yang cantik dah puas hati kan? Nama pun voucher.. Mesti boleh guna untuk barang yang cool yang dah ditetapkan oleh depa kan? Ala.. Jangan risau. Depa ada BANYAK gilaaa barang yang cantik tau! :D

So... tunggu apa lagi?! Join sekarang!

Ps. Saya harap dgn membuat contest sebegini, Lyface's Shawl akan murah rezeki lagi! :D

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cause even when I miss you, you're still not missing me

I am still me right at the second hijab covered my head. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Saya tinggal di KUALA LUMPAR.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Highlights of the life I'm living.

Hello Me.

I am a morning person.
I am a perfectionist.
I am an only child.
I am currently in my PJs.
I am currently pregnant.
I am currently suffering from a broken heart.
I am left handed.
I am married.
I am addicted to MySpace.
I’m shy around the opposite sex.
I bite my nails.
I currently regret something I have done.
When I get mad I curse.

I don’t like anyone.
I enjoy country music.
I enjoy jazz music.
I have a car.
I have a cell phone.
I have a pet.
I have at least one brother or sister.
I have been to another country.
I have been told that I’m smart.
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.
I have had a broken bone.
I have changed a lot over the past year.
I have had surgery.
I have killed another person.
I have had my hair cut within the last week.
I have had the cops called on me. -
I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn’t.
I have kissed someone of the same gender.
I have mood swings.
I have rejected someone before.
I have seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
I have watched Sex and the City.
I like Shakespeare.
I love to cook

I love Michael Jackson.
I love sleeping.
I love to shop.
I miss someone right now.

I own over 100 CDs.
I own over 100 DVDs.
I own a library card.
I read books for pleasure in my spare time.
I sleep a lot during the day.
I strongly dislike math.

I think Britney Spears is pretty.
I will try ALMOST anything once.
I work at a job that I enjoy.
I would classify myself as ghetto.
I can name all seven dwarfs from Snow White.
I am currently wearing socks.
I am tired.
I am currently waiting for someone.
I lost contact with someone.

I hate Miley Cyrus.
I think Party In The USA is catchy.
I’d date Harry Potter.
I can name all the past presidents of the United States.
I know who was president before George Bush.
I love pickles.
I need the internet to live.
I prefer vanilla over chocolate.
I watched Star Trek.
I watched all six movies of Star Wars.
I own an Xbox.
I think music is life.

Now.. Copy this to your blog and do whatever you need to do! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We don't get younger year by year because we are certainly not Benjamin Button.

Hi its late night. New day. Im turning to next page. I had like million words to type but now seems like those words flew to nowhere to be remembered.

You see since its middle of night, I tend to get all mellow and sentimental.. ish. I think. Or izzit bcs of this song that I am listening to right at this second? Its Always Attract by You Me At Six. Aside from they are all cute, I can say I am addicted to this song. Mind me. :)

Well theres one thing that been messing with my head. I dont know how but theres a quote stuck in my mind. It goes like this.. "Age doesnt measures maturity but with age, comes responsibility." These nine words came and been running thru my mind just like that. Weird and I dont know how. It just did.

so Im wondering, am I taking and bear my responsibility as who I am now, wisely or vice versa?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhythm of my life.

Press the next button to get your answer at your playlist and cheating is just not the way to complete this your life's rhythm. :D

1. If someone says 'are you okay ' you say ?

For love of you by Audrey Assad

2.How would you describe yourself ?

Learning to fall by Forever The Sickest Kid

3.What do you like girls in guy/girls?

Not at my best by Forever The Sickest Kid

4.How do u feel today?

I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off me (Me&You) by Fall Out Boy

5.What is your life's purpose?

Still got the blues by Gary Moore

6.What's your motto?

Defeatist by Hatebreed

7.What do your friends think of you ?

The most truth by Hatebreed

8.What do your parents think of you ?

Lips of an angel by Hinder

9.What do you think very often?

Love love love by Hope ft. Jason Mraz

10.What is 2+2?

Animal by Neon Trees

11.What do you think of your friend?

I wanted you by Ina

12.What is your life story?

Better together by Jack Johnson

13.To be when your grow up?

Price tag by Jessie J

14.What do you think when you see someone you like?

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

15.What will you dance at your wedding?

Use somebody by Kings Of Leon

16.What will they play at your funeral?

The truth by Kris Allen

17.What is your hobby/Interest?

Sweet serendipity by Lee Dwayze

18.What is your biggest fear?

Keep it all by Lisa Hannigan

19.What is your biggest secret?

Never gonna leave this bed by Maroon 5

20.What do you want right now?

Where is my mind? by Maxence Cyrin

21.What do you think of your bestfriend?

A thing for me by Metronomy

22.What will you post this for?

Its working by MGMT

23.You will tag this for?

Song for Dan Treacy by MGMT