Friday, March 11, 2011

15 not-so-secrety-secrets.

Why only 15? Because 15 is my favorite figure as it is my date of birth ;D The month? figure it yourself! :D clue: what month will be next month? :p
  1. I love watching beautiful girls not because I'm a lesbian, but I hope I can be like them. one day;)
  2. I lie sometimes to get myself off the hook. Who doesn't? :B
  3. I care about anything too much but I keep telling myself that I don't. Or shouldn't have.
  4. I can't stand naked men HATE HATE smokers ;/
  5. I don't know how to swim. Teach me sometimes ?
  6. I cry to myself before sleep. Almost every nigh
  7. I cannot sleep if I don't listen to heavy/metal song before I close my eyes
  8. I tend to get bored with everyone easily. or everything
  9. I scream alot.
  10. I love cooking but somehow no good at it. Idk why though ;/
  11. I fantasize of married life alot. like ALOT ;p
  12. I sleep @4a.m++ and woke up at 2p.m ++ on every weekend/hols
  13. I can't stand critism. too much of it weaken me
  14. I don't have any gays/lesbians friends. I wish I have. even one
  15. Finally, I can say I AM WEIRD. Get use to it, people! :D