Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rhythm of my life.

Press the next button to get your answer at your playlist and cheating is just not the way to complete this your life's rhythm. :D

1. If someone says 'are you okay ' you say ?

For love of you by Audrey Assad

2.How would you describe yourself ?

Learning to fall by Forever The Sickest Kid

3.What do you like girls in guy/girls?

Not at my best by Forever The Sickest Kid

4.How do u feel today?

I'm like a lawyer with the way I'm always trying to get you off me (Me&You) by Fall Out Boy

5.What is your life's purpose?

Still got the blues by Gary Moore

6.What's your motto?

Defeatist by Hatebreed

7.What do your friends think of you ?

The most truth by Hatebreed

8.What do your parents think of you ?

Lips of an angel by Hinder

9.What do you think very often?

Love love love by Hope ft. Jason Mraz

10.What is 2+2?

Animal by Neon Trees

11.What do you think of your friend?

I wanted you by Ina

12.What is your life story?

Better together by Jack Johnson

13.To be when your grow up?

Price tag by Jessie J

14.What do you think when you see someone you like?

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

15.What will you dance at your wedding?

Use somebody by Kings Of Leon

16.What will they play at your funeral?

The truth by Kris Allen

17.What is your hobby/Interest?

Sweet serendipity by Lee Dwayze

18.What is your biggest fear?

Keep it all by Lisa Hannigan

19.What is your biggest secret?

Never gonna leave this bed by Maroon 5

20.What do you want right now?

Where is my mind? by Maxence Cyrin

21.What do you think of your bestfriend?

A thing for me by Metronomy

22.What will you post this for?

Its working by MGMT

23.You will tag this for?

Song for Dan Treacy by MGMT