Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm asking for these three musketeers :B

  1. The Fujifilm Instax gonna cost you RM450 including one box of wide film. Search for Lomo Polaroid at fb.
  2. The shoes gonna cost you RM65 you can search for Sakinah Soleh at fb yea hikhik (I wanna yellow or green! :B) oh I wear size 39-41. :D
  3. The watch gonna costs you RM25 ONLY. Yes RM25. Search Rebel Pop at fb too. (I want yellor or red or pink yea! :B)
See? I tak minta benda yang expensive. I'm just asking for some affordable presents for my nineteen years celebration. Kau tak rasa bangga ke aku dah hidup selama 19tahun? Hahaha :p Terima kasih! :B